January 26, 2015

my St. Louis favorite foods

On the typical day I'm kind of one of those annoying kale loving, lentil, quinoa, make my own smoothies kind of person. Partly because it's good for me and partly (mainly) because I have gallbladder issues. Likely a fun side effect of loosing too much weight during extreme morning sickness, who knew. Anyway I digress. So when I do actually get the chance to leave my home and go out to eat I want to make it count. I thought it would be fun to make a short list of some of my local favorites here in St. louis.  I was hoping that I could get some feed back from anyone willing to share some of their favorite restaurants or food items unique to the St. Louis area. I'm specifically looking for Mexican, some kind of chocolate
concoction, Italian, BBQ, and any other's you think top the ones that I listed.  

Pasta | Pastaria  
Burger | The Block
Ice Cream | Bailey's Range
Pizza | Black Thorn Pub
Sandwich (Pastrami on Rye) | Pickle's Deli
Side (Roasted Brussel Sprouts) | Pastaria
Cookie (Chocolate Chip) | St. Charlies Grandma's Cookies
Breakfast | Rooster and Winslow Home