May 29, 2014

sawyer turns 2!

10 Things about Sawyer at age 2:
1. Favorite foods are all types of fruit, peanut butter and pizza
2. Obsessed with anything with wheels and can get absorbed in slowly pushing them around and closely watching the wheels spin for hours. 
3. Loves running wild and free, preferably with his sister. 
4. Is really cuddly in his rocking chair at bedtime and will snuggle up with his head on your shoulder and stay quiet and still for an indefinite amount of time until you put him in his bed (we both milk this a bit, I know this stage won't last).
5. Everything is funny and silly in his eyes (which is great in general but not so much for disciplining).
6.  Always wants to be on the go "go go outside shoe shoe shoe shoe go go go go." Constantly getting his shoes on and waiting by the door if he over hears any words that sound like we are going anywhere.
7. Can't eat without getting food all over his body and hair and basically needing a bath. 
8. Has a high pain tolerance and isn't afraid of anything that I can think of. Only the biggest slides for this boy. 
9. His hair grows really fast and thick but really only in the back. He could have the most legendary mullet if I didn't trim it so often. 
10.   Has an older sister that absolutely obsesses over him and wants him doing whatever she is doing almost all the time. Probably ready for the new baby so a little of that attention can be moved off of him and he can just play with his cars in peace.