February 11, 2013

my lovely valentine

lily jane |37 months

1. can only sing at very high volume levels (probably got that from watching mom and dad sing in the car)
2. talks about our trip to disneyworld incessantly
3. obsessed with cats from big to small
4. always wants me to make up a story about mickey mouse before bed
5. sometimes gives super long kisses
6. loves being chased by daddy
7. always trying to hold sawyer down to cuddle as he struggles to get away
8. almost every day she switches back and forth on who she is attached to most; mom or dad. (which ever one hasn't gotten on to her the most that day)
9.  is known to lick faces.
10.  obsessed with pirates, sword fighting, and all things active and wild

and has everyone completely and utterly in love with her.