June 28, 2012

June 26, 2012

you @ 2 1/2

pet names : our lily love, our love bug, our lily boo, baby love, lovey and princess face are all the things we like to call you. 

loves: water (puddles, pools, fountains, showers, baths), "old mcdonald had a farm" (you have been known to sing the song continuously and loudly through whole grocery shopping trips and long car rides.... we are really glad we taught you that song...), cats (pictures, books, stuffed cats, real cats. you are quite obsessed), your baby brother (you would just lay on the floor and hug and talk to him all day if I would let you), technology (ipads, iphones, imacs...), people (you like being surrounded by people that you love and you think everyone should just be together all the time), books (you get really attached to certain books and they go everywhere you go for that day and then the next day it's a different book, and you like to randomly grab books and then find me, climb in my lap and say "read this!"), being upside down (either it's daddy or I that have to hang you upside down by your feet or you go find a couch to drape yourself over.  we have to force you to take breaks so the blood can drain from your head)

not so loves: being told to slow down (you really only have one speed and that is hyper fast), not being able to pet every dog you see (you don't understand that some dogs don't want to be loved by you), and when people leave you. 

you are not lacking in character or love. you light up a room and everyone's lives ... especially mine :)

June 7, 2012

sweet sawyer

Sawyer Liam at one week old