May 20, 2012

the graduate!

Adam receiving his FNP degree: check!
May 18th 2012

May 19, 2012

{the nerdette}

claiming nana's glasses. her little nose had trouble 
keeping them up, hehe. 

May 13, 2012

Lilac Festival '12

It's Lilac festival time again, and I have the extra pounds to prove it!  Well hopefully not too many, I've yet to weight myself. But I have a feeling when I go to the doctors this week I may have to explain that we live really close to the festival and I have not done so well at avoiding the tempting foods that I have been calling my name from practically across the street from our home.  I've been looking forward to taking Lily to the festival this year for months just because I knew she had a blast last year and I knew she would have even more fun this year because she could do so many more things.  She had sooooo much fun going on all the little carnival rides.  She even went on this one where they basically lock you up in the little cage all by yourself and send you high in the air.  I thought she might be scared but she loved it and was waving so proudly at us from the top.  I think the slide was her favorite though (well besides all the horribly delicious food we let her eat).  The second she got down it she immediately popped back up and starting racing to the top again.  Hopefully we will have time to go again one more time before Sawyer gets here, and hopefully I can refrain from eating another deep fried milky way bar... although it's not likely.