April 28, 2012

{tick tock}

Only a few more weeks until Sawyer will make his grand entrance into this world!  I'm getting more and more curious about what he will look like and be like. If he will look more like Adam or me. After studying the few ultra sound pictures we have like a dozen times I'm starting to think he doesn't look that similar to Lily and I think he looks a little more like a Lane than a Peery. Although I could be 100% wrong seeing as how I'm determining all this from pictures when he weighed about 1 pound and were taken through many layers of... well me. 
I'm almost equally curious how Lily is going to be with him and feel about him.  I'm starting to think that she really needs a sibling around though because she has taken to talking and pretend playing with lots of different inanimate objects around the house.  Such as having lengthly "conversations" with the vacuum cleaner and trying to play tag with it "come here", "I'm gonna get you", "come on!". And then she also gave a lamp a hug and tried to share her snack with it. Then there is the skillet pan she took on a walk around the house with today..... I feel a mixture of amusement and sadness when she does things like this. I promise I do spend most of my day entertaining and playing with her but she just wants a little buddy to play with more.  I think that's going to be the hardest thing for her about having a baby around. The waiting for him to get bigger so he can actually do fun stuff.... and more importantly someone she can boss around :). All the unknown questions and curiosities start to really consume your thoughts the closer and closer d-day approaches. tick tock tick tock. I feel a little like a ticking time bomb... in a good way though.  
Here are some pictures of lily helping me practice swaddling for fun. She loves to be wrapped up in blankets and then tickled to the point of barely being able to breathe. Don't worry I know not to put the blanket over his mouth :). And then also some pictures of a banner above sawyer's bassinet that Lily helped me make.      

{young beauty}

April 20, 2012

{H} family

Behind the scenes of our maternity shoot. I snuck in a few photos of the Harrison family.  This is Lily's 1st best friend, Carter Luke. She looooves her Car-car! 

{waiting on sawyer} : 8 months pregnant

{thanks to my husband and our friends micah and jenny for helping me take these pictures.} 

April 12, 2012

{the girly}

Lily is becoming a girly girl without any encouragement. she likes to wear fairy wings, paint her fingernails,  wear mommy's lip gloss and to put things on her head and pretend that they are princess crowns.  -and the way the camera can capture quick looks and moments of such peacefulness in her eyes gives me hope that there is actually some amount of calm stillness under all that crazy :).