March 26, 2012

lily jane: 27 months: loves:
climbing, ketchup, bubble baths, singing, anything sweet, puddles, spoons, kitties and puppies, using hair things as toe rings, books, the lion king, chap-stick, wrapping up in blankets,  having friends over, stickers, running, making and serving pretend food, painted toenails, balloons, "spelling" words, playing guitar, watching home videos, drinking water from tea cups, being upside down, big slides, rocks, washing her hands, and being on the go.                  

March 14, 2012

{daddy's little protege}

our little music lover. she is constantly asking me to turn on some music for her and she has fairly picky taste for being such a little tyke as well. And just the other day she literally sang for 2 hours straight using the tune from twinkle twinkle little star but replacing the lyrics with all the names of her favorite people; with Elmo and Pocka {Grandpa Lane} probably making the most appearances. It was really cute.... and the redundancy and unlimited amount of enthusiasm  did not get annoying in the least :). And it looks like Daddy has found his lead singer/guitarist for his band that he is always talking about starting. My suggested band name: "the ROCKabye babies" badum-chiinng. oh my.....

March 10, 2012

{puppy love}

my little animal lover. sometimes the feeling is mutual for the dog... sometimes it's not :). 

preparing for bebe

My brother (Adam) and his wife (LeAnna) are expecting their first child (Mae) in a little over a month and a half!  I'm so excited for them, and myself for getting a new baby niece and a cousin for Sawyer that will be so close to his age.  When we went to go visit them for a few days I saw that a lot of people had given LeAnna "how to raise your baby right" books and I thought it would be fun to take a couple pictures of them studying up.  I'm not worried though, I know they are going to be great parents. 
I was only able to take a couple pictures at Mae's baby shower because there were a few too many things at this bed and breakfast location that Lily would have loved to get a hold of.  So I had to spend most of my attention on keeping a very tight hold on her.  I was able to distract her for the majority of the time with a delicious lemon cupcake, even if most of it ended up on my lap :). 

March 9, 2012

March 8, 2012