February 17, 2012

{Mushy Mushy}

Adam and I celebrated our 8th valentine's day as a couple this year!  That makes me feel old, but it's still impressive sounding nonetheless.  And believe it or not I think we get more romantic and mushy every time it rolls around :). And it was our third valentine's day with the lilyboo which is pretty crazy to me as well.  
Adam and I got to go out to a fancy dinner (Next Door)and exchange gifts, and then went downtown to this really neat coffee shop and just talked and enjoyed the time of it just being US. I think we enjoy our dates more now than we did before we had lily, just because we don't take a second of our precious alone time for granted. 
I made him something from an idea I got of pinterest(pics below). Total amounted to like 8 dollars or something, but about 6 hours of work. And Adam who likes to always out do me bought me this gorgeous locket to keep my baby's picture close to my heart :). Can't wait to put baby #2's picture in there as well.  And then for lily we got her this little red and white dress and some new books. (Side story: when we were out picking out books someone was on their way to donate this HUGE elmo stuffed animal and they decided to give it to lily when they noticed it had caught her eye. Elmo just happens to be one of lily's main obsessions right now so it basically made her life). And her and I did some v-day craft stuff, including this heart banner that she colored and then I made it and hung it above her bed (pic below). 
{lily sporting her red and white}
{this is an example of what lily does when I catch her getting into something she is not supposed to.  This time she had dragged my purse behind a couch cushion and was trying to dig in it to find some kind of snack. When I came upon her and asked her what she was doing she immediately pretended like she was just sleeping back there.  Got to admit it is really hard not to laugh when she does this... I usually fail}
pic doesn't do justice but yeah those are diamonds :)
{pieces of paper colored with crayon, marker, stamps, and ink on q-tips then cut into heart shapes, hole punched and strung}

February 10, 2012

{day in the life} project

I took my camera around with me for the day and practiced taking photos in all tricky lighting situations with using only available light and shooting in completely manual mode. I want to get faster at predicting the right settings for different situations (particularly low light and unpleasant light like florescence bulbs) and what better to practice on than a fast moving 2 year old in our poorly lit apartment. Plus I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now. I think it would be fun to do every 6 months or so to document how our daily routine changes through different stages of our kid's (soon to be kids') life. 

February 4, 2012

{Baby has a name}

We finally decided on a name for our baby boy: drum roll please.......  it's Sawyer Liam.  I know for most people, around 24 weeks is probably still early, but Lily already had her name for a month by now.  We just like the idea of choosing it early so that we can call him something specific instead of just baby boy, makes us feel closer to him I guess. I think I drove Adam a little crazy with all my name stipulations I had this time. I really wanted a name that wasn't very popular, preferably one that wasn't even on the top 100 boy names for 2011 list.  Which was hard because we loved the names Liam, Henry, and Landon.
So then we narrowed it down to the names Campbell (a family surname) and Sawyer ( a name Adam spotted on a list for adventurous and brave sounding names). I think I was leaning more towards Campbell and Adam was leaning a little more towards Sawyer. I had a little more say with Lily's name so I figure it's his turn now, plus I was a little worried about people nicknaming him Cam which I'm not too fond of. 
And since he will be the first boy in a line of 7 grandchildren we wanted to incorporate a family name in there somewhere. My Dad's name is William and Adam's Dad's middle name is William as well. Since we liked Liam already (irish nickname for william) we let Lily pick from the names Sawyer William and Sawyer Liam by writing them on two pieces of paper and having her choose a hand (in video below).  I think her brother will be happy with her choice :).


(for overseas people)