January 30, 2012

{northern girl}

Lily forced me to go out in the cold again today. She just can't get enough snow.  She ran around in thick snow for over an hour and then completely pooped herself out at the bottom of a big hill and just plopped down on her back.   I ended up having to carry her all the way back to the car.  She is so hard to carry in all those clothes, my arms felt like jello for a long time afterwards. Not to mention the three flights I carried her up when I we got home.  There was my work out for the day. Who needs a gym membership when you have a Lily around :)? 

January 27, 2012

{Baby Steps}

I've taken a few baby steps in planning for baby ________'s arrival in May (hopefully in May I should say).  I'm finding that planning for a  baby is a little different with the 2nd and especially in our case because we don't really have much room for him (good thing he is going to arrive in a little package). He won't have his own space until adam finds a job, we move, and buy a house. We are hoping (praying) that will only take about 6 months..... but we tend to be optimistically naive sometimes.  We are kind of just throwing a baby into the mix of all the other things that are going to be changing in our lives at the exact same time (we also tend to do things like that). 
So as for the fun planning stuff, well fun for people like me who like to plan, we have:
1. Limited the name down to two choices. And from there we are completely stuck.  Almost makes me wish we were having twins so that we could use both.... almost. Also been thinking about putting them in a hat and letting lily draw one.  
2. Went through all Lily's stuff and picked out all the items that are gender neutral. Which amounted to all of 5 things.  I didn't realize until I had it all out before me that I went a little pink crazy when I was buying Lily stuff.... and I don't even really like pink. 
3. Went second hand shopping for boy clothes.  I love gently used stores.  It's where I get most of lily's clothes, my maternity clothes, and all lily's books. I've got about 50 or more clothing items for our little guy already and I've spent maybe 80 dollars total. And almost all of them look brand new or actually are new. The first time I went out I did find that I had trouble not picking out things that were pretty and kind of feminine. So I ended up playing it safe and picking out stuff that I thought Adam would wear (if he were in miniature form of course). 
4. Got a jumbo diaper bag.  With lily I never caved and got the giant diaper bag.  I just carried around the bare necessities and somehow managed to stuff everything into this columbia tote bag we have. But I knew that plan wasn't going to work for two. So I used some christmas money and found a deal on ebay for this somewhat lavish petunia pickle bottom bag. It's a little girly but I went with a grey so adam wouldn't mind carrying it around too much. 
5. Adam and I also just found these prints on etsy.com (seller's page:http://www.etsy.com/shop/berkleyillustration).  His work definitely isn't for everyone but they just made us happy :).  We couldn't stop laughing when we were picking out our favorites.  And the seller has little clever anecdotes for each animal.  
Such as for the racoonThis raccoon spends his days in a science lab experimenting with ways to convert garbage into an alternative fuel source. Occasionally he will indulge in a snack from his test pile.
And Polar Bear: Meet Willard the Polar Bear! This rosy fellow is the Chairman of the Board for a successful popsicle corporation. His ingenuity in the frozen novelty field is unsurpassed and he's currently working on a flavor that is so secret, he has to carry the recipe in a briefcase handcuffed to his 
Cheetah:After cataract surgery ten years ago, this cheetah realized that an eyepatch can be a real conversation starter with the ladies. His eye has long since healed but his social calendar remains quite full.

We plan to frame all 6 of them in white frames above his crib.
6.  I haven't done this yet but I have planned a trip with my mother to JoAnn's to pick out fabric to make baby blankets for him.  I'm thinking of doing something in a navy, yellow, grey and white scheme. Not too theme-y but maybe nautical looking.  I made a quilt for lily so I got to do one for him now too. Goodness he is already so demanding ... just kidding I want to do it. 
7. Eating lots of chocolate and icecream and gummy stuff and anything sweet really.... wait that doesn't really belong on this list.  Unless you consider that I'm planning on him being extra sweet so I need to prepare myself by increasing my tolerance of sweet things so i won't get too overwhelmed when he gets here. It doesn't help that Adam likes to bring home all my favorite candy whenever he gets gas or runs to the store. He is such a lovable instigator. 

January 20, 2012

{2} years in photos

A photo for every month of lily's life.  I just got done organizing all the photos on my computer.  All the literally thousands of photos on my computer I should say.  It took about ohh........ a good 40 hours.  It's completely my fault because I just kept piling up photos after photos with out a  really good system in place.  But now I have every one labeled in folders by month from the year 2009 - 2012 and backed up the same way on an external hard drive... whew.  But it was kind of fun to rediscover photos that I hadn't seen in a long time and to watch lily progress month to month. 
Looking through all the month to month folders made me realize how many photos I would have to take of a baby boy to even compare to the ones I took of Lily.  I'm going to try to at least get a couple good ones a month... I think that's doable, strong emphasis on the think. I'm a third child so I totally know how it feels to have to scrape through piles of pictures of my siblings to find one of me :). 
But anyway, after tidying up my hard drive I decided it would be fun to pick one photo of her from each month, somewhat randomly, turn it black and white, and put it in a little series.   
{ 1 MONTH}


January 16, 2012

{Names} on the Brain

Boy names:


{This is the short list of the names that Adam and I are considering. It has been a lot harder to find one that feels right than it was with Lily.  I wanted to do something a little less common this time and therefore I tend to question my choices more; asking myself will he like it? will he get made fun of? I think I'm over thinking it too much..... and so does Adam :). But I just want to make the best decision, it's kind of a big deal right?  I want a name that he will like having, sounds masculine and will grow well with age.  But I do believe that a person makes their name not the other way around and our little baby boy is going to be fantastic so I'm pretty sure he will make whatever name we pick great!}

Girl names (that we considered, just for fun):


January 15, 2012