October 31, 2011

{Big Sis} !!!

Look who is going to be a big sister!  These photos of lily below may be misleading because she is actually excited about the balloons rather than the prospect of being a big sister, which is a concept she doesn't quite comprehend yet.  But I still think she is going to be a great big sister.  She loves babies and always points them out to me and says "awww baba..... awwwww",  and she takes care of all her favorite stuffed animals everyday.  Feeding them, brushing their teeth, giving them drinks of water (pretend), and lots of hugs and kisses.
   We are expecting our new arrival at the end of may and we couldn't be more excited!  Adam will finally be done with school by then and we will be in the process of figuring out where he is going to get a job and where we are going to be living shortly after the baby arrives. 
  As for the pregnancy. I am getting excited to be getting towards the end of my first trimester. Hoping to get some more energy back and getting over that stage where you never know if what you just ate was going to be a good choice or not :(. But all and all it has not been too terrible.  We will be getting our first ultrasound in a couple weeks and we are really excited to get our first look at our new little person.  And I'm also excited for my baby bump to start showing.  I probably will show faster this time, but I can't really tell any difference yet..... emphasis on yet. Stay tuned for more updates and photos!   

pink or blue? time will tell :)

How I told Adam: When he got home from clinical one day I had this piece of bread (a bun) sitting in the oven.  And I said "hey do you smell something?... I think I smell something burning. Oh no! I think I left something in the oven can you go check?" He went and opened it up and was like "it doesn't look burnt, is this for dinner?".  And I said, "Oh yeah I forgot I had a bun in the oven... it doesn't look done though it probably needs to cook for a bit longer..... like nine months." He finally got it but I think it was more my sheepish grin that gave it away than anything else, I'm a horrible actor. I thought I was pretty clever though :) 

October 24, 2011

{Adventures in the Adirondack}

 Adam and I got to get away for a few days this weekend and we rented this adorable little villa in the adirondacks on Lake George.  We went hiking up Prospect Mountain, roasted s'mores, walked around the lake, chilled by the fire, watched The Office, read, ate a lot of good food, looked at shops, and slept in as long as we possibly could (it's hard when you are programed to wake up early every morning).  The sun was out, the air was crisp and trees were full of color. Perfect fall weekend getaway.   

gotta love the self timer setting on cameras :)

October 19, 2011

October 14, 2011

October 11, 2011