August 31, 2011



Lily has a developed little obsession with daddy's shoes and mommy's tank tops.  When she finds one of my tank tops on the floor or hamper she immediately picks it up and searches for one of the arm holes and sticks her head through it and then wears it like a necklace, then precedes to walk around proudly and look for someone to tell her how awesome she looks. She continues to wear it until we make her take it off to go out in public or to bed.  Well the other day she hit the jackpot when I accidently left my drawer slightly open that I keep all my tank tops in.  Needless to  say she noticed and thought it was the greatest gift fate ever lay in her lap.  I didn't count how many she actually put on, but I think it is safe to say that it was somewhere around the 15-20 range.  I needed to reorganize that drawer anyway :). 

August 19, 2011

{green-eyed beauty}

Took some pictures of my niece Rowan ( and a few of her mom, nana, and lily) while I was visiting family in MO.  That girl knows how to work a camera!  She was trying so hard to follow all my instructions no matter how silly they sounded.  She is such a sweatheart and a beauty.  Adam has already had several talks with her about the boys she dates will have to pass the uncle test first :). 

second I tell her we are done she is off to climb a tree :).