July 22, 2011

{Since I've become a mommy}

{10 Things I've learned}
1.  There will be days where you feel like all you've said is "no, don't, stop!"
2. Most ailments can be magically cured with a hug a kiss and a song. 
3. To always keep snacks in your purse, and other random bribing materials. 
4. You will almost always have some form of baby essence in your hair and/or clothing. (drool, snot, spit up, food, or some other mysterious sticky residue)
5. Baby socks have little microscopic feet that they use to run off at the first chance they get never to be seen again. 
6. Don't compare your children to other kids, or yourself to other mommy's.... unless you like unneeded stress then go ahead :). 
7. Patience is a virtue, choose your battles, don't make a mountain out of a molehill, build a bridge and get over it,  are all sayings that I now I have to put into daily (hourly) practice.   
8. You feel pride for things that you would have never considered great accomplishments before. (staying quiet in the car for 10 minutes, pretending they are a monkey, counting to three, eating a single green bean, picking a weed just for you...etc.)
9.   You can always throw them in a bath.  (example in pictures below)
10.  The wonder of being called mommy doesn't wear off no matter how many times you hear it a day.  ("mommmmy, mommmmy,mommmmmmy")

(Somebody's not ready for any fancy dinner parties)
 the outside of her belly obviously needed food as well

"I'm so ashamed mommy, I don't know what came over me.  I see pizza rolls and I just lose all my self control" :)