February 20, 2011

February 19, 2011

{sweet} lily

Here is some valentine's day / 13 months old pictures.  Although I couldn't get too many because she dropped the sucker pretty early on... didn't quite anticipate that.  She was pretty sad that we had to throw all those pieces away, she quickly stole a few pieces off the ground and popped them in her mouth before we could get to them. 


{sol es bueno}

These are pictures from our recent trip to Dominican Republic (got back at midnight last night).  And can you believe that this is only a small portion of them... well if you know me well then you are probably not all that surprised.  I'm still a little worn out from all the traveling and everything else to go into full detail of the whole trip but I can give you a very condensed version.  It was amazing to get on the plane in snow and get of the plane in paradise.  Lily hates sand and would act like it was burning hot lava if you tried to set her down in it.   Which was good and bad.  Good because she didn't try to run away and she would just sit on the beds that they had on the beach to scared to try to get down.  Bad because we had to carry her everywhere! She loved all the attention from all the friends and family that came with us and all the people that worked at the resort too.  It was a little bit of a struggle to be the only one in the group with a baby, but it meant we had a lot of extra hands too.  We took a cable car up a mountain and it was beautiful.  At the top was lush rainforest with lots of stone paths and clouds rolling right in front of us. We played a lot of beach volleyball and frisbee (although frisbees and me don't get along) and just did a lot of hanging out in the warm sun.  And we made it back to the Rochester Airport with 1 diaper to spare, yay us!. But we are a little sad today because being around family and friends from home for a whole week always brings on the homesickness and the blizzard going on outside isn't helping either.  But it's also good to be back where the milk doesn't smell funny and our neighbors don't come in at 4 o'clock in the morning....