January 26, 2011

cuteness overload!

I haven't taken any pictures of Lily just for the sake of taking pictures of her for a while.   That's because it is now impossible to keep her in one spot and she has way to many better things to do than sit for a camera.  So I can't really set anything up the way I wish I could and I'm forced to feed her raisins so she will at least stay in the general vicinity of me and I have to shoot in pretty low lighting because she won't stay by the window.  But despite all that I think this little series of her is still pretty stinkin'cute.  I know I'm her Mom so I'm the most biased that they come but she is so adorable that sometimes I actually want to eat her.  I give her 100 kisses a day easy, but seriously can you blame me?

k mom, I can only let you put that thing in my face for so long. 

* Lily update: 

1. She now says "Yahessss!" (yes) very enthusiastically at seemingly random times. 
2. She still hates the nursery (and hate isn't too strong of a word for how she feels). 
3. She is that kid that clings like crazy to their mommy and hides behind their legs when new people are around.  But so was I. 
4. Bottom right canine tooth just poked through. 
5. Her favorite new activity seems to wait to go poop until she is in the tub
6. She can't play too long without needing a hug break :)
7. She likes to eat unusual things like tomatoes and lemons. 
8.  She is terrified of the vacuum cleaner and so I can only do it when Adam is home and they go and hide in different rooms.  When I'm done she always has to hold me for a long time and make sure that evil thing didn't hurt me. 
9. She loves watching me put on makeup and loves to try to help (oh boy!)
10.  I think she is starting to understand what I love you means because when I tell her she usually gives me a little shy smile and leans her head into me. 

January 21, 2011

{12 month video} + chilly lily

(click video twice to make bigger)

Lily is 13 months today and I thought it would be nice to go on a short little snow walk.  The sun was out and Lily usually doesn't mind the cold, so I thought it would be fun.................  it appears Lily thought otherwise.  10 feet away from the car and she is ready for the walk to be over, I think she is still mad at me for thinking that that was going to be an enjoyable activity.  Poor lovey... I think she is looking forward to going to the beach in Feb. as much we are. 

January 17, 2011

{creative slump}

Before Lily was born I used to do little projects all the time but now it's just a lot tougher to do.   Lily likes to be involved in everything I am doing.  She is such a big "helper".   I guess it is kind of an excuse because I could do more when she goes to bed but I never feel as motivated to be creative then.  But lately I have really been  missing making stuff.   I need to finish Lily's baby story scrapbook and I want to do some more sketching.  I did this butterfly one pretty recently on book paper and I wanted to do some more but I just never got around to it.  So I've decided to try to use this blog to hold myself a little more accountable to do more projects.  I feel like if you don't use it, you lose it.  I already feel like I have a little bit.   So here's to getting back on the wagon! 

drawing on a page from a book
wall gallery that i finally got put up (thanks brother)

just some of the pages I have completed but it ends at month 5, oh no!  
a little dose of lily to hold ya off :)
(she loves her sparkly skirt, thanks Aunt Mandy)

first little pony tail! <3 (she loves getting into my books, and coincidentally she always goes for her namesake author Jane Austen.)  

January 8, 2011

{Big girl table}

Lily just got this table for her birthday from her Nana (Adam's mom) and I think she looks so adorable sitting at it.  She looks like such a big girl, even though she is still a little short in the breeches for it. I have to be right there in case she decides to bail. But she sat there for almost an hour today "working" on her puzzle. If that's not focus for a 12 month old, I don't know what is!  I can't wait to have tea parties and do tons of crafts with her on this table.  But we're going to have to wait a little on the latter because she still thinks crafts supplies are pretty tasty.  
she's got a little bit of growing to do before those little feet will reach the ground