December 24, 2011

{You} @ 2

You just turned two and you are starting to have all these little quirks and I can just see your personality developing.  So I wanted to make a list of all the little things that I want to remember that make you YOU at this age. 

1. You don't eat like most other kids.  You like unusual things like tomato soup or any kind of soup really (you will sit and eat it forever!) and tuna subs from subway with onions and spinach on it (you can eat a whole 6 inch by yourself). People around us always stare and laugh at you scarfing down this huge sandwich.  But you won't eat a simple pb and j or grilled cheese.  
2. Although like most kids you LOVE cookies. You go by the motto "it never hurts to ask" when it comes to asking if you can have a cookie after about every meal.  And you've figured out that when you go out with daddy the answer is usually yes :). 
3.  You are somewhat obsessed with books. I tried at an early age to instill in you a love of reading.... I didn't know it would work so well :).   You probably "read" for at least 2 hours a day maybe more.  You especially love books with kittens, elmo or thomas the train in them. When you see something in a book that looks fun you lift your hands in the air and say "up! up!" because you want me to put you inside your book. It makes you sad when I tell you it's not real. You like to get lily a book and mommy and book and sit and read together at your table or on the couch. 
4. You say phrases as if they are all one word.    Here are some of your favorites : Whatchadoing?, Essitokay? (is it okay?) and awwwwwitokay, ellogoomooorning! (hello , good morning. you think any time of the day is appropriate for this greeting), essoofunny (it's so funny, you always say this with a cheesy laugh), thacool (that's cool), tislilythamomma (this is lily's, that's momma's), whereitgo?.... dareitis!  (there it is).  Of course once you started saying these things I realized that I say these phrases all the time.  I better watch what I say right?
5.  Your answer to almost any question is "oooookkaaay" in a sing songy voice.  Unless your answer is no of course. When you say no you usually scrunch up your nose and lips and tilt your head to the side and give a short nonchalant "no" as if saying "um.... that's okay I'd rather not... nice try though".
6. Your hair gets really random flips and waves in it and it gets very pouffy if I don't try to tame it after a bath or after you've slept on it. (you get this from daddy) I'm constantly trying to flatten it out or keep it behind your ears or put it up in pony tails (which you love to constantly pull out when you are in the car) But I think that once it gets longer and gets some more weight to it it will calm it's self down a bit. Already you hair in the back that is longer and thicker likes to curl it's self into little ringlets.  It's so precious!  
7. You love to put lotion on yourself, but the only place you will put it is on your belly.  I try to get you to put it on other parts but you always go for the belly again. And you would just keep doing it over and over if I didn't make you stop. Incidentally it's the only place you will wash yourself in the bath tub too. But you do have one clean and soft belly :).     

{the ringlet}

November 28, 2011

{step back in time}

My parents came in town for thanksgiving and we all went to the Genessee Country Museum for their getting ready for the holidays festival.  The "museum" is actually an entire village where they have moved old homes from around the new york state that date back to the early 19th century and rebuilt the homes to create an old fashioned town.  Everyone who works there is dressed to fit the early 1800's and uses only the tools and materials that would have been used at that time.  They know the history of each house that has been moved their as well.  They day that we went they were having a preparing for christmas season festival where all the people in the houses were doing things that they would have done to get ready for the holiday. They were roasting chestnuts, preparing old fashion hot chocolate (wasn't too bad) , applesauce, stew and sausages (a lot of work),  making soap to store for the winter, butchering a pig, sewing winter clothes and singing carols. I always say that I would have liked to live around Jane Austen's time but in reality I'm pretty sure I'm not tough enough (actually I'm positive).  First of all I'm a wimp about the cold, a picky eater, and have no real house-making skills.  If I went back in time I would have to do it with out having any memory of what it is like in the future or else I would never stop whining and complaining.   And I would have to some how manage to find me a rich man to marry so I could survive :). It was fun to step back in time for a day, but it made me feel very grateful to live in the time period that I do. I mean think about going to the dentist back then.... it's a scary thought.  
(trying the applesauce, it was really sour. she kept wanting more though)
(coco beans)

November 21, 2011

{Christmas Spirit}

We are getting in the christmas spirit early at the Peery house.  I can't help it! I'm always jumping the gun this time of year.  I have already been listen to my christmas radio station on pandora since before Halloween, drinking way to many hot chocolates and egg nog, doing christmas craft projects with Lily, watched at least a half a dozen christmas movies with Lily off of netflix, made a list on the kitchen chalkboard of all the holiday activities Adam must participate in with me,  and picked out all my christmas gifts for Lily and almost everyone else.  But I have managed to hold off decorating until the day after thanksgiving.  Mainly because I'm not sure I'm quite ready for the maybe battle that is going to go down with Lily and wanting to play with all the decorations, particularly the tree. I see time-outs in her future :). With the cold weather approaching it's good to have good things to look forward to like.... Adam getting a month and a half of christmas break from school, playing in the snow and sledding, Lily's birthday, Jesus's birthday (well when we celebrate it), and Lily's face on christmas morning when she sees the play kitchen we got her! (if adam and I can figure out how to put it together)
Lily's hand wreath
sticker fun, Lily is a really good at spelling
Video of pictures of lily's 1st and 2nd christmas

(if your wondering why the song in the background is such low quality..... it's because it's me, singing into a tiny microscopic computer microphone, and sometimes struggling to breathe with my pregnancy short of breath and light headedness. But I try to record songs now and again for Lily to listen to someday.)  

November 15, 2011

better {baby} picture

Got another ultrasound today and got to see the baby more clearly this time.  Look at the little profile, isn't he/she so cute!! Looks just like lily did in her ultrasound... although I know they mostly all look the same at this point but let a mother amuse herself :).   I know it's too early to tell if it's a boy or girl, but I asked the ultrasound tech if we could take a peek anyway and see if we see anything.  And we both agreed that there looked like there was a little something something down there...?  I don't know, but she couldn't deny that it did look like a boy but also told me that it is really just a guess at this point.  We will see!  

November 12, 2011

baby bambino

Got our first look at our new baby (we call it our little bambino. We will have to switch it to bambina if it's a girl).  He/she was bouncing and kicking and touching their face. They didn't do a complete exam to check everything but the ultrasound tech said that everything looked really good and as it should.  The heart rate was 178, which is higher than I ever remember lily being.  I think her highest was like 165 or something.  
I'm starting to feel a lot better.  
I'm no longer nauseous except on rare random occasions. I still getting dizzy and some headaches and have passed out a couple times (just for a few seconds). The doctor just told me to drink more water.... hasn't really helped though. Other than that I don't really have any symptoms. 
I get to go back to the doctor on tues. and get another ultrasound because someone at my doctor's wants to practice.  yay!  When Lily saw the picture of the baby she thought it was a bug :).  When I told her it was a baby she looked at me questionably.  Then said "awwwww?" in the form of a question.      

(Profile of face is on the left (forehead is that really shinny spot), baby is laying on it's back and arms at it's side and legs are kicked up)

November 11, 2011