November 26, 2010

{Turkeys and Boo boos}

Lily got her first big boo boo this week.  You can't tell how bad it looked from these photos, but it was like a giant gum ball protruding from her head. I was more upset about it than she was, she only cried for a couple seconds, while I've felt bad about it for days.  There is nothing I can do to stop little things like that from happening but when she hurts herself she always looks to me first as if to say "why did you let that happen to me... your supposed to protect me from all the bad stuff."  What happened was she was laughing and running away while I was chasing after her (one of her favorite activities of late) and she whipped around to see if I was following her and she ran straight into the door.  Looking back on it, it was slightly comical..... but just slightly.   

For Thanksgiving we went to a friends house (Joe and Rena) and had thanksgiving dinner.  They have the perfect house to have thanksgiving because they have a huge table to place tons of yummy food on :).   It was really nice of them to invite us so that we felt a little more like we were around family for the holiday instead of being just us in our little apartment.  Lily tried a lot of different things and loved every one of them... especially the fruit salad with whipped cream.  Rena put little bags full of chocolate with our names on our plates to mark the seating, which was very martha stewart of her.  There was the cutest little 6 week old baby girl there that Adam said I wasn't allowed to hold because I would get too many ideas... which he is probably right.  Lily looked like a toddler compared to her.   Joe and Rena also have a little boy that is a few months younger than Lily.  He was not so sure about Lily coming into his pack and play with him, he wanted a little more personal space than she thought necessary.  So I had to get her out and she went to explore the house and put greasy little finger prints all over their walls and french doors instead.... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Love this picture of my things I'm thankful for (I edited lily's boo boo out of these pics).

November 21, 2010

{11 months old}

I can't believe Lily is 11 months old today.... one more month and I can't consider her a baby anymore, although I think I see what parents mean now when they say they will always see you as their baby.  It seems like just yesterday she could fit in the crook of my arm,  and I felt like I was going to break her skinny arms and legs everytime I changed her outfit,  I was swaddling her up like a little tiny burrito,  and of course I remember the feeling of lack of sleep pretty vividly.  But then it also seems like a lifetime because it is hard to remember what our lives were like before she was here.  What did we do for entertainment, and how did we stand the house being so quiet??? It also seems so fast because she has changed so much in so little time. Everyday there is some little noticable difference of her gaining more understanding and character.   We love you more than we ever thought possible, and we love watching you grow. 

Looks like she loves herself as well, hehe

November 19, 2010

{ Impatient Me }

I couldn't wait to decorate for christmas!  I know you are supposed to wait until at the very least the day after thanksgiving but I think waiting until it gets cold is good enough for me.  It even snowed a little last night.  We don't have a lot of decorations since we have mostly lived in apartments and we don't have much room to store the stuff during the year but it's enough to make it feel christmasy.  I put the pack in play by the tree and put Lily in it while I decorated it.  She got really giddy every time I added something new to the tree, and when I turned on the lights she looked at me like "this is the best idea you have ever had mom!".   Although now that she has realized that all this christmas stuff comes with a lot of rules, it's not as exciting.  She is doing so amazingly well at restraining herself though, we are so proud of her and a little surprised.  She of course went immediately to the tree the instant that she could, but before she got to close or touched it she looked back at us to assess what the protocol was for this new feature in our home.  We told her "No touch, just look" a few times and now she just goes and sits by it and studies it.  I'm so excited about our first real christmas together. (We came home from the hospital last year on Christmas Eve, we watched White Christmas in the living room while she slept in a bassinet next to us.... it was the sweetest christmas ever.)  This Christmas is going to be a lot of fun, Adam actually doesn't have to work and I want to start some new fun traditions.   I think it would be so cute (and yes extremely dorky ) if I could find us all matching pajamas.  And I want to make a Happy bday Jesus cake, and read the christmas story.   We've got her a few little things, we don't want to go too crazy with presents.... although I know the grandparents probably will :). She will probably get more excited about the wrapping paper than the presents themselves.    Here are some pictures of the tree and random decorations I have around the apartment.  I love how more decorated my home looks with all this stuff up.  I love hanging out by the tree at night with Adam :)  I'll be sad to take it all down, it always looks so plain the couple weeks afterwards.   Happy Holidays!

November 18, 2010

[Tip of the Week]

Have some documents that you want to throw away but you don't have a shredder? Just toss them into the diaper genie.  No one will ever want to search through that bag ( we call them diaper sausages) no matter what.    I write this as a joke....... but I also have done it.  

(she is adorable though, which totally makes up for the fact that she can be so stinky for such a little thing.) 

November 16, 2010

{Lily video}

{{{{{Link to Lily 10 month video. Click Here!}}}}}}

And because I like every post to have a photo. Here is another one of Lily with Grandma. 

November 13, 2010

the {Rohr } Family

It was a beautiful day outside for a little christmas session with the Rohr family :)  The spot where we went to take these photos is called Warner castle and there was at least 5 other photographers trying to take pictures at the same time as us.  It was hard to stay out of each others way.  One was trying to photograph a dog and the dog kept running into my shots.   I guess they could have pretended it was theirs,  hehe. Although I didn't get a group pic of everyone smiling  (which I excepted as an almost impossible feat with multiple kids a long time ago), I did get everyone to look at me.   I hope you like your photos Rohr family, it was a lot of fun!

such a good looking family :)

lil' beauty

little mr. handsome being brave up in that tree

so easy to get a smile out of this boy!

can't forget the parents

lil' beauty number 2
the biggest sis and the littlest bro

November 12, 2010

{ modeling cuteness }

I took Lily out today to try out some of my new photo props before they didn't fit her anymore. And it was actually around 60 degrees today.  I can't believe that this close to the Canadian border and mid-november that there was a day like today still left for us.    She was not really into it though.  She did not like being put in that basket or on the cold ground but I think I got a couple cute ones due to the fact that my lens is really fast.  

                      {I'm starting to not like this you being a photographer thing mommy :( }
                      { love love love }

oh grandma you live to far away   (doesn't look like november does it ?)